Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal

Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal
Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal

Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal
Gall bladder cancer cells characterized by the proliferation of endless, the cells further includes consume a lot of nutrition the body of the patient, cancer cells liberate a variety of toxins, the body’s production of a variety of symptoms, cancer cells in all the body including the can spread,  and grow, making the descent of the weight. patients cancer of the gallbladder, especially after surgery, should convince that the intake of nutrition, so that they can keep nutrient balance, increase immune system, promote the improvement of the body.Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal


Diet for gallbladder cancer patients after surgery, it is advisable to choose foods lightly digested. After surgery in a close fitting to try to reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol in the diet, eat meat less fat, reduce fried foods, animal offal, For the purposes of taste can only be mengfungsikan some olive oil to cook the food. Increase consume protein-rich foods to meet the needs of human metabolism, such as lean meat, seafood, soy. Eat foods that are rich in dietary fiber, food vitamin, such as fruits fresh and vegetables.losing weight after gallbladder removal symptoms,

Develop the formality of eating regularly, and to do food that is small, in order to adapt to the physiological changes cholecystectomy. Dyspeptic symptoms after surgery can be occurs approximately six months, bile ducts gradually enlarged derived from fitting to the time, most will replace the role of the gallbladder, digestion problems signs gradually will subside. When diet after surgery included will be a gradual transition to normal.weight loss diet after gallbladder removal

After the operation, to keep the consume fat, control cholesterol, consume foods that have high protein, You should not eat the brain, liver, kidney, and fried food-fried, including don’t eat the fat, keep the alcohol, so it does not affect the benefits of the liver or create problems in the biliary tract.
Participate in physical exercise and light work, Do activities that are appropriate, not until there is no activity similar once, but do not be so tired. So that is not conducive to the recovery of benefits the body. In the pas two to three months after surgery, after meals can be a walk (in the form of a walk after dinner), to promote the recovery of the body gallbladder cancer patients after surgery.

rapid weight loss after gallbladder removal,
Routine visits to the shelter hospital for a check-up, under the guidance of a doctor can consume the drug Xiaoyanlidan, and vitamin supplements B, C, K, To keep carefully, to avoid bleeding.
Gallbladder after surgery diet should pay attention to:
1, Eat plenty of foods that can help with avail bile ducts, such as: shark fin, buckwheat, barley, Hericium.
2, Eat foods that can help dodge the infection: green beans, bitter gourd, lily, shrimp, ubur-ubur.dll.
3, Food Yi Shi choleretic laxative: vegetable Rumex, figs, walnuts, sesame seeds, sea cucumber.
4, For a poor appetite: sweet potato, barley, turnips.
The gall bladder cancer patients keep overeating, do not eat oily food fried, smoked, drank hard, food difficult to digest, spicy food,
Experts in Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou suggest: that the patient gallbladder cancer after surgery to follow the diet points listed above, the settings that are common to the diet, can raise the resistance on the disease, helping the state improve.Weight Loss After Gallbladder Removal

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