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Everyone have their first time travelling to other county. I also have my first time travelling to other country..Deng Deng !! –> TaiWan <–

This is a Company Trip that organized at Dec 2007 ! This was my first time travelling to oversea except Singapore..Haha !!

I am so happy and excited to be in Taiwan for 4days 3nights..we went a lot of famous places in Taipei ,Taiwan..untill now..i still cant forgot the moment that i have been there hehe.. Im gonna show you all about Taipei’s places and food i had ate there ^o^


@ This is me in the plane !! ^o^

This is not my first time in the plane, if i not mistaken, i took the plane when i’m still a small kid..blur memory =.=” So when i sit on the plane, i keep take photo outside the mirror and inside the plane too hehe !!



@ This is the plane we sit, we are sitting on the waiting area..just left few minutes to get into plane..so excited haha !!



@ Photo took in the sky..the cloud like “Cotton Sweet Sweet” haha..but the sky is really beautiful !!


@ Who you saw ?? Yes !! He is Famous Singapore Artist..the Best In Singapore! Phua Chu Kang ! We saw him in Taiwan Airport !! But don’t know he went there for what purpose hehe..actually he is quite handsome without his curly hair in the TV..haha! He is quite friendly and funny, we also take photo with him!



@ The hotel we stay in the first night! The hotel is quite small, it’s only 1 shop lot in Malaysia, but the Hotel got up to 8 floors ! It’s small but comfortable !



@ This is what i saw in the first mini market in the first night..=.=” Crazy…It’s only a Mineral Water..they got more than 50types there..and Beer also..a lot of them we cant see or get in Malaysia..=.=”



@ The “Soya Bean” in Taiwan..It is almost the same with Malaysia one..but they got another soya Bean is masin 1..then mix with “Cilli Oil”..”Fried Bawang”..Yiakss…my friend try it..he cant tahan..haha.. The cup is cute..it got a funny story on the top and side of the cup..by the way you drink soya bean..you can read the funny story too…Enjoy ^o^



@ MovenPick ?? No la..it’s a restaurant in Taiwan with MovenPick style..haha..the Breakfast in “MovenPick” !



@ In the first day of our trip in Taiwan, we went to “Jiu Fen”九份, the place is in high hill..it’s cold..and..raining that day..=.=” Cold like hell !!

@ This placed call “Jiu Fen”九份, quite famous in Taipei! It’s a small street but need to climb up the staircase..quite high..then the shop at both sides of the staircase..



@ This is call “Oo Ee”芋圆 (Hokkien)..its something like “Tang Yuan”汤圆 in Malaysia, but the “Oo Ee” ‘s taste better than “Tang Yuan”..Love that so much !! Inside got Oo Ee..got red bean..got few things insides lor..very nice !! Yummy !! Now think d also feel wan eat again..but can’t found in Malaysia..=.=”


@ We write a note and put on the table..then a mirror cover it..as a remarks that we went there before..hehe..we put it inside a “Oo Ee” stall.. ^o^ Next time whoever go there..find it out..haha!!


 @ On the way go down from “Jiu Fen”九份, the seaside is look so beautiful..^o^



@ So we approach to another place called “Ye Liu”野柳, Before we visit the place, we went to a Restaurant near to “Ye Liu” to take our lunch first!! Big Crab !! But…we din’t ate crab..just normal dishes…=.=”


@ After our lunch, we go inside “Ye Liu”. This is the signboard before we go insides ^o^ Introduction about “Ye Liu”. The stone is unique besides the road !


@ This man is a hero(Top one, not bottom one..=.=”)..a memorable “Stone Tablet”..this Stone Tablet of him is build to remember his history..don’t know how long ago..he jump into the sea to save a children..but the wave is too strong..Then the hero and the children dead in the sea..haih..too sad to hear about that..but memorable…


@ Saw the stone down side there ? Like a Shoe shape one..That is call “Cinderella Shoe” !! Really cool and unique!! Its really look like a shoe..haha!!


@ This stone is look like …What ?!! It’s look like the Queen Face !! Cool !! It’s only can see like this in 1 direction..if you see from other direction..it’s just look like a normal stone.. 

@ The stone besides the sea water..people said it’s look like elephant..but i think it’s look like Hippo..=.=”


@ Be a Clock on the floor !!

@ My friends….sitting quietly..looking at the sea…

@ Oh My GoD !! They sit nearly and closer!! They are dating..=.=” LoL..kidding la..they are not gay..they are just acting there..haha!!


@ YaaaHooo!!! I’m not doing promotion for Yahoo! ..=.=””



@ It’s just normal stone but look unique ^o^


After we visit “Ye Li”野柳. We approach to Taiwan’s Larges Muzuem! We can’t take photo insides the Muzuem..so i just take a few photos outsides the Museum! ^o^


@ My Best Friends!!

 @ Outside of the Muzeum..very very big !!


After we went to muzeum, then we approach to the famous Longest Pasar Malam in the World (if im not mistaken), “Shi Lin Ye Shi”士林夜市, Wah..when we reach there..full of people..the street is a crossroad..then full of stall besides it..its just like Pasar Malam in Malaysia..but “Shi Lin Ye Shi” larger than Malaysia 1..a lot of foods..yummy yummy !!


@ I have bought a HotDog, very big one..then polished glutinous rice cover the Hotdog..i have ate alot other things before it..so i only take out the hotdog to eat only =.=” then there got something like ice kacang..but the ice very smooth..and many favourite…you can choose your favourite taste..^o^


The next day, we went to another place call “Dan Shui Ma Tou”淡水码头(If i’m not mistaken), there is a Bridge called “Love Bridge”,many couple will go there ^o^ The bridge is beautiful, and we feel comfortable there because the wind is strong!!

@ This is the bot that we gonna ride to another side of “Dan Shui Ma Tou”.

@ A woman sit beside the bridge there and draw for visitor..its really cute and nice !! And it’s very cheap..it’s only Taiwanese 150-200bucks..around Rm15-20 only..one of my friend try it..not bad..quite look alike haha!!

@ We on the bot!

@ Merry Christmast !!!

@ After we reach another side of “Dan Shui Ma Tou”, there is a small village..then alot of shoplot there..alot of food there too!! haha..we always eat eat eat and eat !! Try different food in other country !! Unfortunately..i take less food photo..aih..next time i will take more if got chance hehe !!

@ Know what is this ?? It’s Potato Chip !! Haha..first time i saw potato chip like this..its like a ring in a stick..tasty !! Quite nice and cute hehe !! ^o^ Besides the potata chips stall..it’s a White man..selling ice cream..i think it’s a traditional ice cream maker..the ice cream look very weird..then the white man very funny..the style he pass ice cream to the buyer..one word i can say..FANTASTIC !! He keep turn here and there, playing with customer..the ice cream won’t drop down..cool !!

@ Potato Chips Stall !


@ After we went to “Dan Shui Ma Tou”, then we approach to the Highest Building in Taiwan > Tower 101 < !!  It is higher than KLCC ^o^


@ This is 101 Tower !!

@ Christmas Tree full surrounding with Red Flower!

@ There is circle on the floor, it is full of country name in the circle. We are looking for Malaysia ^o^

@ Flower Car haha !! lol !!

@ ??? Why don’t have Malaysia one ?? Ops..we found Kuala Lumpur !! Isn’t it ??

@ Oh ya !! Correct !! It’s Kuala Lumpur..I think Taiwanese know Kuala Lumpur more than Malaysia..LoL really funny !!

@ Merry Christmast !! It’s beautiful!! They put it outside Tower 101 !

@ It’s Me with Tower 101 !!


@ At night, we approach to the place that full of youngster.. “Xi Men Ding”西门丁..This place look “Class” a bit compare with other place hehe !!


@ KFC in “Xi Men Ding”西门丁

@ Full of people again..LoL..Taiwan got so many people one ar..=.=”

@ This restaurant very famous..we saw a lot of people standing outside the restaurant and take a bowl of “Mee Sua” and eating there..but we din’t eat lo..haha..because just take our dinner ^o^


@ Last day in Taiwan..we went to few places…forgot the name =.=”” but got picture see lo hehe..


@ Media ?? TV ?? What they doing here ??

@ Ooo..they are outside this building..it’s called “Freedom Plaza”..but before this..it’s call another name..as i know..many people argue the issue about changing name..but at last change to “Fredom Plaza” this name also..=.=”

@ We just standing outside the “Freedom Plaza” because we can’t go inside lor !


@ After that, we approach to a Famous place!! I think many of you no matter Chinese, Malay or Indian also will know.. “Yang Ming Mountain”阳明山!! You all will know if you all got watch “Initial D” haha !! I only have very less photo there..=.=”


@ There is a hot spring in another places..actually we plan to take a rest insides hot srping one..there got separate male and female one…when we all bring our cloth and bag go inside male hot srping..we get shocked !! A few uncles there..all naked..=.=”” Big Small Long Short..what also have..we all starry there..=.=”” Then we sit besides for awhile..then all go out..cant tahan..=.=””

@ So…we only take a Leg Hot Spring haha !! Very comfortable…but the water is really hot…i gurantee you cant put more than 2minutes..so we keep put inside..take out..put insides..haha very funny !!


@ After that, we approach to “Tao Fu Street” 豆腐街..i don’t have the photo..not able to take photo..because the people there is really crowd like hell..walk cross also a problem..”Tau Fu Street” of course is a lot Tau Fu lor..especially the “Smelly Tau Fu”臭豆腐, it’s killing me !! =.=”” I don’t even dare to try..my friend try it..he nearly vomit out..=.=” One of my friend very funny, he ask his senior..:” Why people said this street is famous ? What so famous ?” His senior replied :” This street famous “Smelly” la !! ” =.=” Good Answer !!


At the last night in Taiwan, we din’t go anywhere already because tomorrow we may need to take morning plane to back Malaysia, we may need to wake up at 4am. After we back to Hotel, my friends and I walk out ourself to nearer 7-Eleven to buy something to eat..i realize..other than a lot people in Taiwan..there are a lot of 7-Eleven in Taiwan too =.=”

The next day morning…we are prepared and approach to Airport already…3days full of activities…enjoy…playing with friends..shopping…chit chat together…travelling together..the feel is really good…i will not forget the Taiwan Trip 2007..it is memorable..it is sweet memory in my life !!


@ Bye Bye to TAIWAN !!! Sayonara !!

@ 4days 3 nights Taiwan Trip 2007 !! @


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