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Chinese New Year Themes In Shopping Complex – Part 1

Jan 14, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (5,073 views)

Chinese New Year is coming soon which is starting from next Sunday, I have seen many Shopping Complex are starting to decorate their building with Chinese New Year Themes. My friend and I had been going to educational fare that held in KLCC last Sunday, we had past by the lobby and seen the Chinese New Year Themes in KLCC. It was gorgeous and we can’t waited to snap some photos for it.

Chinese Near Year Themes in KLCC
Chinese New Year Themes - KLCC
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Kam Heong Stewed Duck Restaurant @ PJ State

Jan 12, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (6,578 views)

Kam Heong Restaurant is a Teow Chew style restaurant which sells “Lo Duck” and some other dishes, but all of them are being “Lo”. Other than “Lo Duck”, they have other dishes like “Lo Mushroom“, “Lo Pig Hand“, “Lo Egg“, salty vegetable, and etc. They have rice and porridge, I have yet to try the porridge because this is my first time there. My senior and her bf brought me and my friend there after the Warehouse sales in PJ State too, they said want to bring us to try nice and popular duck rice and porridge in PJ State but I never heard it before, but I knew it after the dinner because the duck rice and all the dishes were really delicious and tasty!

All the dishes were served nicely, I think they have their own secret recipe and ingredients to stew (Lo) the duck and other dishes, that was why it was very strong smell when we walked in. All the foods looked delicious and we can’t wait to keep it into our tummy!

Stewed Duck
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The Mage Cafe @ Damansara Jaya

Jan 11, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (8,542 views)

I had been taking my lunch at The Mage Cafe that located in Damansara Jaya for quite many times already, so I just decide to write a post about it. The Mage Cafe just nearby my office, that’s why we can always take our lunch there. The Mage Cafe is a pork free restaurant. It’s like a home made Penang Restaurant because the boss is from Penang. The design of the restaurant like your own house, when you step in, you’re just like going back to your own house. The name Mage Cafe is following with their theme, “mage” represents “magician”, “magican” represents “games”, yes it’s Games! Other than taking meal there, you can also play several games over there, they have many kinds of games which I didn’t know what was that.

The Mage Cafe has set lunch everyday, the set lunch will be changing everyday. Usually they have 2 types of set lunch which is chicken set or fish set, the taste and sauce for the chicken and fish set are changing everyday, so you can eat different types of set lunch everyday. Most probably I will just order their set lunch and my friends will order the popular fried rice which is Mage Fried Rice.

Honey Soy Sauce Chicken
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The Ship Steak House @ Damansara Utama

Jan 7, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (12,716 views)

It was a great meal in The Ship Steak House that located in Damansara Jaya. It was my girlfriend’s birthday and I brought her to The Ship for our dinner. I had been there once 2 months ago which was my birthday and my seniors brought me here, it was a great meal too that’s why I returned again. The Ship is a Steak House and expertise in Steak and few western foods too. All the staff in The Ship are wearing sailor cloth and The ship is decorated with a sailor themes. When you step in, you will think of “Popeye The Sailor Man”!

Christmas was just past and that was New Year eve that day, so they had a few of New Year dinner set. So, I had ordered 1 New Year dinner set and my girlfriend ordered a Seafood Platter.

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Greeting Card From FoodBuzz

Jan 5, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (3,057 views)

Foodbuzz is an advertisement company like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Nuffnang and etc. I joined Foodbuzz few weeks ago, I like their ads because their ads is very unique and awesome. Another reason that I like Foodbuzz because they pay you a rate of 1000 page impressions, they will propose a rate according to your traffic and both parties have to agree the pay rate.

I just received a greeting card from Foodbuzz and I was so surprise that they sent me a greeting card even though I was a month old publisher, I’m just like their family now. I have to greet Foodbuzz and wish Foodbuzz a Happy New Year 2009!

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Wong Kok Restaurant @ Taiping

Jan 4, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (5,120 views)

Wong Kok Restaurant is a small restaurant that located at Taman Kami, Aulong Taiping. It’s a small shop lot insides a Food court named 555 Food Court. The restaurant opened for about 6 months already if I’m not mistaken, the cook learned a lot from many Cook Sifu. If I’m not mistaken, he worked in Kum Lun Tai before too. My family and I always went there for dinner or yam cha everytime I back to Taiping because the cook is my dad’s best friend.

The cook, my dad’s best friend not only a good cook but a friendly and kind people too. Since it’s a small restaurant, he don’t have much seafood in the store but you can try to order, or perhaps you can order the seafood before the day you go so that he can buy the seafood. Although it’s a small restaurant, but the dishes can consider the best in Aulong.

So, we had 4 persons which are my parents, my grandpa and I, we ordered 4 dishes for our dinner. I like all the dishes, the tastes are very good!

Craypot Fish Head
* Craypot Fish Head – This is the dishes that I first order. The fish was very fresh. This craypot fish head mix with some vegetables, carrots, mushroom and some other ingredients. What I can say is, Best! Read more about this Food Cuisine »

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