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Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara – Part One

Feb 22, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (17,020 views)

That’s about a week that I never update my blog due to my final project and industry report for my study, but I will still busy for quite a few weeks and I’m not able to update frequently like usual. However, this Tenji Japanese Buffet post I have kept for quite long time, so I decide to update now. It was last month, my company organized a division dinner, so most of the staffs suggested to have our dinner at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant. I was so surprised and excited because my colleagues and I planned to try it last year but it was fully booked on that day, we were not successfully to try it.

So, I had my company division dinner in Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant last month. Tenji is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant that located in Mont Kiara, Tenji serves a lot of great and unique Japanese foods. They have a few clips on your table, you might need to put the clip on some of the bowl for the dishes (Only certain dishes) that you want to order. After that, foods will be serving to your table in minutes. I believe that you’re not interest to listen grandma story, right? So, we just go for the foods and photos over there.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
* Tenji is in the 2nd floor.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

* There is a pond nearby the entrance.

Beer Bar
* Beer Bar – They only serve Carlsberg. But I didn’t see the beer bar opens, perhaps it’s only for certain customers.

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Bao Bao Pan Mee Restaurant @ Aman Suria | 2nd Review

Feb 15, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (4,436 views)

I have been eating Pan Mee in Bao Bao Pan Mee Restaurant for quite many times, I have yet to take some photos for the food because I had no digital camera in the past. The previous time I wrote a review for this restaurant because I got featured in the 8TV Ho Chak!, we were so shock to see them there while we stepped in the restaurant, it was a good memory.

The Bao Bao Pan Mee Restaurant is managed by a few youngsters, they have an outlet in Cheras too. With the slogan of ‘Same Pan Mee, but different style“, it attracts lots of pan mee lover to try all their different style of pan mee. Not to mention too much about the restaurant since I have stated it in my previous post, we just go on the photos and food reviews.

Pan Mee Soup
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Chinese New Year Home Made Steambot @ Taiping

Feb 11, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (4,746 views)

It’s another Chinese New Year dishes post even thought Chinese New Year is officially ended after the “Chap Gor Meh” (15th day of Chinese New Year). During CNY, I had a lot of home made dishes which was cooked by my mum and grandma. So, we had a home made steambot on “Chu 1” which was 26th Jan 2009. My mum had prepared a lot of ingredient such as prawn, fish head, vegetable, meat ball, fish ball, black pepper sausage, mushroom and etc. It was a great home made steambot! Let’s go for the post.

Steambot Soup
* Steambot Chicken Soup – This was the soup which my mum boil it with chicken since morning, the soup was already taste great before we put in all the ingredients. As you know, by putting all the seafoods and vegetables into the steambot soup can make the soup to be more fragrant!

Fish Head
* Fish Head – We all love fish head instead of fish meat because the meat for fish head is more delicious and smoother than fish body meat. It’s one of the killer-ingredient to make the soup to be more delicious and aromatic.

Tiger Prawn
* Tiger Prawn – The meat for tiger prawn will be more tough compare with normal prawn. Some people like it and some people don’t like it, I have no idea because I’m not a prawn lover.
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Chinese New Year Biscuit @ Taiping Home Made

Feb 8, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (4,454 views)

Tomorrow is “Chap Gor Mer” (The 15th day of Chinese New Year), which mean Chinese New Year will be officially ending by tomorrow. Most of the “Hokkien” prayed at “Chu 9” (The 9th day of Chinese New Year), and most of the “Cantonese” will be praying at “Chap Gor Mer” as well.

During Chinese New Year, I had a lot of CNY dishes that cook by my lovely mum. Other than this, there was a lot of Chinese New Year Biscuit as well! Just some of them made by my mum and grandma, for the rest, my mum bought it. All were packed nicely in bottles. Here we go..

Bee Nest Biscuit
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Chinese New Year Cuisine @ Taiping Home Made

Feb 3, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (4,469 views)

Time goes very fast, Chinese New Year is going to be ended and I have gone back to normal life. I enjoyed the time and life during Chinese New Year in my hometown (Taiping). My mum had cooked a lot of great and delicious foods for us, I will be sharing with all of you about what my mum cooked on the first day of CNY which was “Chu Xi Ye” (In Mandarin). Between, this was what we usually ate during some Chinese Festival, I enjoyed them a lot.

During Chinese New Year in Taiping, I played a lot and ate a lot. The only thing I didn’t do was I didn’t try any other Taiping food as I planned earlier, because I had no time to go anywhere other than meet friends. That’s fine, now we go on the foods that my mum cooked.

Pork Roll
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Foods @ Genting Highlands Casino

Jan 28, 2009 Author: KaHoongChai | (2,119 views)

I still remember the first time I went to a Casino in Genting Highlands, but I couldn’t recall the name of the casino, it’s called Casino de Genting or something like that, it was my first time going in Casino, it was really great. Of course, I did gamble for the first time in Casino. I played Three Pictures and some other games, but when I recall the memory when I was in the Casino, I didn’t see any games which is called “Craps”, or what we call it as “Online Craps” on the internet. It’s a simple dice game and the table is something similar to roulette, it’s a game that I used to play on the internet before.

Genting Highlands

When the first time I entered Casino, it was midnight and I was actually hungry that time, I were going there with my friends, I still remembered there was some foods and drinks served in the Casino, some are paid and some are free one, I’d had some free drinks and some junk foods. Gambling can be addictive and you’ll probably forget about your hungriness, so foods and drinks in the Casino would probably catch your eyes. The Casino has a place where serves all the foods and drinks such as biscuit, hot drinks, mineral water and some breads, I’ve had all of them as I was really hungry in the midnight. Filling your stomach with hot drinks like coffee, milo or tea in the midnight is extremely warm, of course you must eat with some biscuits or breads to avoid gastric. Anyway, all the foods and drinks in the Casino are just good, as long as you can fill your stomach and continue gambling.

You may try the foods and drinks in the Casino when the next time you enter Casino in Genting Highlands.

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