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That’s a new western restaurant nearby my working area, sometimes I’m feeling exhaust and boring in thinking what to eat during lunch time, I’ve been working in my current company for 4 years already and I almost tried all the restaurants and foods nearby my office. Since there is a new western food restaurant named Vary Pasta, so we gave it a try. The restaurant looks clean, and tidy, it gave me a feel of comfortable when I first stepped in the restaurant. After a tired working morning, of course we must had our lunch in comfortable environment. The waitress and waiter in the restaurant are friendly too.

The restaurant serves western foods, such as sausage, salad, chop, steak, pasta, soup and etc. This was my first time having lunch there, so I can ordered whatever food. So the waitress recommended us their set lunch, a worthy set lunch. There was 2 or 3 set lunch, I picked one of them. The set lunch contained of one main course (Chicken chop with spaghetti, spaghetti carbonara with chicken ham or pan fried fish fillet with butter rice) , one appetizer (Salad or Soup), ice cream and drinks (Herbal tea or Barley). So I’d chosen Chicken Chop with Spaghetti as my main course, salad as my appetizer, barley ice as my drinks and ice cream.

Chicken chop with spaghetti

KFC has launched their new product which was Zinger Tower Burger few days ago. I just went to One-Utama yesterday and bought a gift to give my gf’s parents because I was going to her house for a CNY dinner tonight. So, we have bought gift and I suggested to take our lunch at KFC since I have yet to try the Zinger Tower Burger because it looked delicious. Mc.Donald had Prosperity Burger and KFC had Zinger Tower Burger, but of course both burger had their own recipe and different taste.

Zinger Tower Burger

Chinese New Year is coming soon, Prosperity Burger at Mc.Donald will be ended soon after Chinese New Year. The last time I visited Mc.Donald in Center Point outlet was just to eat the Twister Fries as they only had Beef Prosperity Burger, so they have launched Chicken Prosperity Burger now and I just had them 2 days ago. But it was not that ideal for my liking, perhaps I didn’t like the ingredients and recipe. However, Chicken Mc.Deluxe and Fillet O-Fish are still my first choice while traveling to Mc.Donald.

Chicken Prosperity Burger

It was a great meal in The Ship Steak House that located in Damansara Jaya. It was my girlfriend’s birthday and I brought her to The Ship for our dinner. I had been there once 2 months ago which was my birthday and my seniors brought me here, it was a great meal too that’s why I returned again. The Ship is a Steak House and expertise in Steak and few western foods too. All the staff in The Ship are wearing sailor cloth and The ship is decorated with a sailor themes. When you step in, you will think of “Popeye The Sailor Man”!

Christmas was just past and that was New Year eve that day, so they had a few of New Year dinner set. So, I had ordered 1 New Year dinner set and my girlfriend ordered a Seafood Platter.

Appetizer (more…)

I just went to One-Utama for dinner with my girlfriend during Christmas Eve on last Wednesday, my friend recommended me a western food restaurant named Jack’s Place that located at New Wing. So, we also decided to try the food over there. If you never been there and see the White Christmas decoration in One-Utama this year, you can view the photos in my previous post, I did snap some photos over there. But then, this was a disappointed dinner at Jack’s Place Restaurant, but there was another better food in Jack’s Place.

If I was not mistaken, my friend recommended their steak but not other dishes. I ordered other dishes because I don’t take beef, that’s why I said that was a disappointed meal for me at Jack’s Place. If you like steak, you can try it!

Jack's Place
* Jack’s Place! The Cook looks cute haha! (more…)

Mc.Donald launch their Prosperity Burger once a year at the year end to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year. I wait for the launch every year not for Prosperity Burger but their Twister Fries, I know A&W has the same Twister Fries, but don’t know why I just like Mc.Donald 1. So, now Mc.Donald launch it and of course I visit them again!

Actually I do like to eat the Prosperity Burger, but they just have Prosperity Burger with beef only, I’m a Buddhist and I don’t take beef. The Chicken Prosperity Burger will be launched soon if I’m not mistaken. I will eat again when they launch the Chicken Prosperity Burger. So, I order Chicken Mc.Deluxe with set but I change the French Fries to Twister Fries. My purpose to Mc.Donald this time is to eat their Twister Fries haha!

Twister Fries
* This is my favourite Twister Fries! It’s more delicious than French Fries! (more…)

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