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Recently I was too busy with my personal stuff and didn’t have time to update my food blog, it’s because I’ve to help my gf’s brother in his wedding. I became his “brother” on last Sunday morning, it was quite fun and I enjoyed it.

Weeks ago, I had my tea time at Sushi Zanmai in One-Utama. Sushi Zanmai and Pasta Zanmai is the same restaurant but they separate to two, Sushi Zanmai sells Sushi, while Pasta Zanmai sells Pasta. I’ve dined in Pasta Zanmai for few times before, I love their Chicken Cheesy Pasta and Teri Chicken Pizza. So, I went to Sushi Zanmai for my tea break, we’d tried some of the Sushi only. They have other outlets in The Gardens and Sunway Pyramid as well.

Sushi Zanmai
* Una Tama, Inari & Tuna Salad – I simply like the Una Tama, it consists of unagi & Omelette. The Inari Sushi consists of sweet beancurd, not too sweet and quite nice.

After the Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara – Part One, I have to continue with the Part Two. Part One is more about foods in Tenji, so Part Two will be written more about the foods section and places. No more grandfather story, let’s get started.



That’s about a week that I never update my blog due to my final project and industry report for my study, but I will still busy for quite a few weeks and I’m not able to update frequently like usual. However, this Tenji Japanese Buffet post I have kept for quite long time, so I decide to update now. It was last month, my company organized a division dinner, so most of the staffs suggested to have our dinner at Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant. I was so surprised and excited because my colleagues and I planned to try it last year but it was fully booked on that day, we were not successfully to try it.

So, I had my company division dinner in Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant last month. Tenji is a Japanese Buffet Restaurant that located in Mont Kiara, Tenji serves a lot of great and unique Japanese foods. They have a few clips on your table, you might need to put the clip on some of the bowl for the dishes (Only certain dishes) that you want to order. After that, foods will be serving to your table in minutes. I believe that you’re not interest to listen grandma story, right? So, we just go for the foods and photos over there.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant
* Tenji is in the 2nd floor.

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

* There is a pond nearby the entrance.

Beer Bar
* Beer Bar – They only serve Carlsberg. But I didn’t see the beer bar opens, perhaps it’s only for certain customers.


Umai-Ya @ Uptown

Dec 10, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Food & Drinks, Japanese Food, KaHoongChai's Diary, Petaling Jaya

Wao, it was a long time that I didn’t update my food blog. So, I just went to Umai-Ya Restaurant which is a Japanese Restaurant that located at Uptown, Petaling Jaya. This was a very nice and awesome Japanese Restaurant, their sushi very special and it’s nice to eat, I love the style and the taste.

It was my friend’s birthday, my senior said treat him eat and she asked me joined together. So, I got the chance to try new foods in umaiya! First, I have to thanks my senior for treating me and I have to thanks my friend for his birthday too haha!

* Chopstick from Umaiya. Don’t think too much, recycle chopstick not from Umaiya, only the chopstick paper cover from Umaiya. lol! (more…)

Last week, that was Saturday, my gf and I with 2 friends decided to watch movie in One-Utama. So of course we must take our lunch first because the movie was at 2.40pm. Actually we planned to eat seafood, but we past by a pasta restaurant, looked nice , so we gave it a try ! The restaurant is called “Paste Zanmai”, it’s Japanese pasta restaurant. Environment very good !

Ok, so we ordered some foods that we never ate before. We have 4persons, so we order 2 pasta and 2 side dishes. I love their pasta, really .. especially the Cream-S Asari K Pasta (with cheese!!), we asked the waitress gave us some cheese, then she took the whole cheese and peel it with a thing, the Pasta full of cheese !! Oh my god..damn nice !!

Then we order a seafood pasta called Yaki-Pasta Seafood. Then our side dishes were AG Ika Geso (Fried Sotong) and AG Tori Karaage (Chicken) ! Both also nice, as i can say, GREAT !!

* Cream-S Asari K Pasta @ Rm25 (Mushroom, Lala, cream + Cheese ! My Godness !! Damn Nice !! Recommended !)

* Yaki-Pasta Seafood @ Rm25 (Sotong + Big Prawn !! The prawn is really big … taste good !)

* AG Ika Geso @ Rm12 (It’s fried Sotong, very nice but a little bit too salty, but it’s nice !) (more…)

Bon Odori 2008

Jul 20, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Japanese Food, KaHoongChai's Diary

This was my visit to Bon Odori 2008 at Shah Alam (Address not sure) at 12th July 2008 (Saturday). There were crowded with a lot of peoples, Japanese, Chinese, Malay (I don’t see any Indian there). Bon Odori is something like memorial ceremony for Japanese, it’s just like our Chinese’s “Cheng Beng” (hokkien).

The place was open at 5pm, but the memorial ceremony start from 7pm – 10pm.  So we (my friends and me) reached there at about 6.30pm, and the memorial ceremony started at sharp 7pm. Japanese very punctual !!

* There were few Japanese children present their perfomance with the drums. (more…)

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