Do you like Pasemboh (Rojak) ? Pasemboh is an Indian food and you can get it everywhere. Let me introduce you the Pasemboh that i always eat. I roughly will bought it as my dinner 1 or 2times in a week. I like this Pasemboh, the price is common, cheap, one thing is the Pasemboh location is on my way home, so everytime i back home i pass by, and called it drive through like Mc.Donald or KFC haha.

The material for Pasemboh all are very fresh, delicious especially their sauce. The Pasemboh start selling from 2pm – 6pm only. The Pasemboh finish sell at about 6pm, sometimes i 6.15pm or 6.30pm go there also beh liao liao (Finish sell already) ! =.= mostly i will just da pao(Take away) go back eat.

The location is near to the Kelana Jaya LRT Station. It is located on the roadside, there is another stall selling roasted or fried duck, very famous also, my gf told me that stall’s duck very delicious 1, her dad always buy it b4 but i never try it. LOL

The Pasemboh van named “Rojak Penang (Pasemboh) & Cendol Penang”. They sell Pasemboh & Cendol.