Mc.Donald launch their Prosperity Burger once a year at the year end to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year. I wait for the launch every year not for Prosperity Burger but their Twister Fries, I know A&W has the same Twister Fries, but don’t know why I just like Mc.Donald 1. So, now Mc.Donald launch it and of course I visit them again!

Actually I do like to eat the Prosperity Burger, but they just have Prosperity Burger with beef only, I’m a Buddhist and I don’t take beef. The Chicken Prosperity Burger will be launched soon if I’m not mistaken. I will eat again when they launch the Chicken Prosperity Burger. So, I order Chicken Mc.Deluxe with set but I change the French Fries to Twister Fries. My purpose to Mc.Donald this time is to eat their Twister Fries haha!

Twister Fries
* This is my favourite Twister Fries! It’s more delicious than French Fries! (more…)