I’ve been leaving my food blog for about a month due to my heavy workload, I think it’s time to update and blogging about food again. At the Valentine Day few months ago, my gf and I didn’t know how to celebrate and what to give each other, so end up we decided to make chocolate for each other, so we made the chocolate together at her house, that was the best Valentine Day Present, right?

There a few steps need to be followed to do this home made chocolate. Before these, preparing all these ingredients before you get started : Dark cooking chocolate, white cooking chocolate, Whisky, hazelnut, and mould. You can actually buy these all at the cake and biscuit ingredient shop. So now we can start to do this Valentine Home Made Dark Chocolate.

Dark Cooking Chocolate
* Dark Cooking Chocolate – My gf told me that this type of chocolate can’t be eaten before it melts, do you have any idea?