Lou Sang (捞生) is a Traditional Chinese cuisine dish which every Chinese will eat during Chinese New Year. Oldish people said that Lou Sang will bring luck to everyone who join it, all things will be better than usual. Lou Sang is the name for the proccess and we call the Chinese New Year dish as “Yu Sang“. So, Chinese New Year is coming soon and I can’t wait to back my hometown (Taiping) to celebrate with my family and friends! Before Chinese New Year, I have visited most of the shopping complex to view their Chinese New Year Themes, I have also tried Chicken Prosperity Burger at Mc.Donald, then I have also eaten Yu Sang, which mean I will be very lucky in Year 2009!

My collueges organized a lunch which just to get together before we go for holiday, and the main purpose for the lunch was to “Lou Sang”. So, we had chosen a restaurant which has Lou Sang because not every restaurant serves it. The restaurant is named as Garden Palace Seafood Restaurant which is located somewhere around Chao Yang, SS2 PJ. “Lou Sang” consists of a lot of ingredients and it’s very colourful, it mix with oil, sweet sauce and fresh salmon fish.

Yu Sang

* Yu Sang – It consists of many different colour of ingredients and I love the biscuit very much! It was a plain Yu Sang without oil, sweet sauce and salmon fish.

Yu Sang with Salmon Fish
* Step 1 – Put the salmon fish at the top.

Yu Sang with Oil
* Step 2 – Put the oil at the top of salmon fish.

Yu Sang with Sweet Sauce
* Step 3 – Put the sweet sauce at the top of salmon fish too.

Ok Done! Ready ……

Lou Sang
* Money! Money! Money!

Lou Sang
* Health! Health! Health!

Lou Sang
* Ok! The wish may comes true in Year 2009! The Yu Sang was all fresh and really nice to eat, but I didn’t eat the salmon fish because it was just a few little pieces, I left it to them. Overall, the taste was good and I believe that I will have another Lou Sang with my family while I at my hometown, ekeke!

Garden Palace Seafood Restaurant
The restaurant is named Garden Palace Seafood Restaurant which is located at somewhere around Chao Yang, SS2. We had booked the table before we went there. Other than Yu Sang, we ordered a Chinese New Year Set Lunch for 10 persons. All other dishes were really nice and delicious, especially the fish and prawn. The price is reasonable for a restaurant like this, it was about RM300++ for the Chinese New Year set lunch for 10 persons. If your company want to organize a Chinese New Year lunch gathering too, you may propose it to your boss.

Wish all the Chinese Food Blogger a Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!

Address :
Jalan SS2/6, Taman Bahagia,
47300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03-7873 1391 / 03-7877 7268

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