Foodbuzz is an advertisement company like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Nuffnang and etc. I joined Foodbuzz few weeks ago, I like their ads because their ads is very unique and awesome. Another reason that I like Foodbuzz because they pay you a rate of 1000 page impressions, they will propose a rate according to your traffic and both parties have to agree the pay rate.

I just received a greeting card from Foodbuzz and I was so surprise that they sent me a greeting card even though I was a month old publisher, I’m just like their family now. I have to greet Foodbuzz and wish Foodbuzz a Happy New Year 2009!

Foodbuzz Team

Foodbuzz cover letter

Foodbuzz letter


How To Sign Up With FoodBuzz

I like them because they gave me a feel of professional when I first signed up with them. It’s not everyone can signs up with Foodbuzz, only specific bloggers are able to sign up with them. So, I will teach you how to sign up with Foodbuzz and their requirements.

1) First, you need to own a Food Blog since their name is Foodbuzz, so they only accept Food Blog.

2) Second, sign up in Foodbuzz.

3) Third, you want to join Foodbuzz Feather Publisher program, you have to fill up this form. (Foodbuzz Referral Form)
Attention : At the most bottom area, you have to fill in the people who refer you. So, I have to say please and thank you to fill in my name ( Lee Ka Hoong from ). This is a must because they need exist Foodbuzz Feather Publisher to recommend them to accept new members.

4) Fourth, after you have done all the steps, you just have to wait for their email. Foodbuzz will send you an agreement in email within a week. The first agreement in email will be titled with “Foodbuzz Publisher Agreement Follow-up‏” from Foodbuzz member. You’re required to print out the agreement, read the terms and condition, sign your signature on the agreement, either you fax the agreement to them or you scan it in pdf file and email it to them.

5) Fifth, after you have done step 4th, then you have to wait for their another agreement within 2 or 3 days. The 2nd agreement in email will be titled with “Welcome to the Foodbuzz Featured Publisher Program!‏” and attached with the “comScore Media Metrix” and “Michigan Raw Food Blog NetView”. So, the same step as Step 4, you’re required to read the terms and condition and sign your signature on both of them. You can either fax the agreement to them or you scan it in pdf file and email it to them.

In this steps, you’re required to fill in your personal details to reply their email. Details as below :-

a) Full Name

b) Mailing Address

c) Closest Metropolitan Area

d) Phone Number (optional)

e) Your PayPal account email address

f) Preference for ad size (Visit this page to view their ad size)

6) Lastly, Foodbuzz will send you another email that contains your Ad Code and titled with “Your Foodbuzz Ad Code – Your Site Name‏”. So, you have to just copy and paste the ad code at the location that you want in your Food Blog. Done!

That’s not difficult but you need to follow some steps, I have gone through all the steps so that I can teach you here. I was just a month old Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, so far I like it very much and still wait to get more from Foodbuzz!

Thanks Foodbuzz team for sending me a Greeting Card! Happy New Year 2009 and all the best to Foodbuzz team!