Last week, that was Saturday, my gf and I with 2 friends decided to watch movie in One-Utama. So of course we must take our lunch first because the movie was at 2.40pm. Actually we planned to eat seafood, but we past by a pasta restaurant, looked nice , so we gave it a try ! The restaurant is called “Paste Zanmai”, it’s Japanese pasta restaurant. Environment very good !

Ok, so we ordered some foods that we never ate before. We have 4persons, so we order 2 pasta and 2 side dishes. I love their pasta, really .. especially the Cream-S Asari K Pasta (with cheese!!), we asked the waitress gave us some cheese, then she took the whole cheese and peel it with a thing, the Pasta full of cheese !! Oh my god..damn nice !!

Then we order a seafood pasta called Yaki-Pasta Seafood. Then our side dishes were AG Ika Geso (Fried Sotong) and AG Tori Karaage (Chicken) ! Both also nice, as i can say, GREAT !!

* Cream-S Asari K Pasta @ Rm25 (Mushroom, Lala, cream + Cheese ! My Godness !! Damn Nice !! Recommended !)

* Yaki-Pasta Seafood @ Rm25 (Sotong + Big Prawn !! The prawn is really big … taste good !)

* AG Ika Geso @ Rm12 (It’s fried Sotong, very nice but a little bit too salty, but it’s nice !)

* AG Tori Karaage @ Rm15 (It’s chicken, very cripy and tasty!)

* Itachoco Monaka @ Rm8 ( Our desert after meal ! A biscuit with ice cream and chocolate, very nice !!)

* Green Tea @ Rm3.00 (The small glass very cute, haha! Because they have not enough glass already, so he said sorry and give us this, haha !!) This is my gf and 2friends green tea, i didn’t drink it.

* Passion F.Soda @ Rm6.00 (It’s my drinks, Apple soda ^^)

* Their drinks menu, look very sharp very nice right ? Haha ! It’s free to see haha!

* Drinks Menu again …

* Dessert menu, oh my … there are variety of dessert !! We don’t know what to order so, cincai (simply) order one lor … lucky the simply order also very nice !

* Chopstick ! haha … very special so i took photo for it !

I very enjoy the lunch in Pasta Zanmai ! Their environment, foods, drinks are very nice and delicious ! The price ok also, not too expensive.
Total we spent Rm108.10 (with 10% service charge and 5% Government Tax) for this meal. (Rm108.10 รท 4 = Rm27++ each persons only) Worth it !! Give it a try !!

The restaurant at downstair in Old Wing 1, but i don’t know how to describe it, maybe you can find “Pasta Zanmai” on the directory.

Address :
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Ctr,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya.