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Last week, that was Saturday, my gf and I with 2 friends decided to watch movie in One-Utama. So of course we must take our lunch first because the movie was at 2.40pm. Actually we planned to eat seafood, but we past by a pasta restaurant, looked nice , so we gave it a try ! The restaurant is called “Paste Zanmai”, it’s Japanese pasta restaurant. Environment very good !

Ok, so we ordered some foods that we never ate before. We have 4persons, so we order 2 pasta and 2 side dishes. I love their pasta, really .. especially the Cream-S Asari K Pasta (with cheese!!), we asked the waitress gave us some cheese, then she took the whole cheese and peel it with a thing, the Pasta full of cheese !! Oh my god..damn nice !!

Then we order a seafood pasta called Yaki-Pasta Seafood. Then our side dishes were AG Ika Geso (Fried Sotong) and AG Tori Karaage (Chicken) ! Both also nice, as i can say, GREAT !!

* Cream-S Asari K Pasta @ Rm25 (Mushroom, Lala, cream + Cheese ! My Godness !! Damn Nice !! Recommended !)

* Yaki-Pasta Seafood @ Rm25 (Sotong + Big Prawn !! The prawn is really big … taste good !)

* AG Ika Geso @ Rm12 (It’s fried Sotong, very nice but a little bit too salty, but it’s nice !) (more…)

Final Badminton Result Olympic 2008

Aug 17, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

I have just watched Final Badminton Games Olympic 2008, Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) against Lin Dan (China). Lin Dan won the games with colourful result !

First game : 21-12 (Lin Dan won)
Second game (Also the last game) : 21-8 (Lin Dan won)

I have watched the previous games Lee Chong Wei against Lee (Korea) too, Lee Chong Wei played well than tonight. Maybe Lin Dan played very well tonight, what i can said is, his smash really strong ! He smash 10ball, Lee Chong Wei can only defend 1ball.

What i saw from Lee Chong Wei from his face before the games ? sad, moodless, energyless, inconfident … Lost in the end… But he still able to get 2nd.. proud of Malaysia also lar even he not able to get Gold medal.

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