This Bao Bao Restaurant, i have visited for more than 20times before. Why i now only introduce this restaurant? Because…catch up with the video clip below, because…i’m in the 8TV Ho Chak !! I’m one of the respondent haha !! This Bao Bao Restaurant located at Aman Suria / PJU. It’s just besides the main road. There is another branch in Pandan Indah, Cheras. Bao Bao restaurant is managed by a few young adults.

What’s different with other Pan Mee ? Their restaurant banner “Same Pan Mee, but different style”. How i know about this Restaurant ? My friend brought me to the Cheras Branch last year, that was my first time eating Bao Bao Restaurant Pan Mee. Very special !

What special ? Watch out the video clip below, you will know what’s special ! Pan mee + Special crunchy fried fish crumbs + sweet barbecued pork + fresh meat balls and fresh vegetables!! We all love special crunchy fried fish crumbs that rarely can found in other pan mee restaurants ! Another special is their Chilli, 4 types of Chilli if im not mistaken. I will only take the Sambal, really nice 1 !! Another 3 types chilli, they are little sourish(The spiciest 1), 2 types of cili padis (one is normal 1 and one is mix with soy sauce 1).

Our favorite drink is the same –> Honey Lemon !! I don’t know why but we always order it and we like it, my gf said this is different with other restaurant and it’s nicer than other ^^

The price is ok, let say 2 person, 2 pan mee, 2 honey lemon and 1 special crunchy fried fish crumbs, about Rm18++(Estimation) only. Very Cheap, worth it !!


* Bao Bao Restaurant. You eat Bao Bao (Full Full) already ?

> 8tv – Ho Chak Video Clip Last Episode 21 Part 1 < (I’m insides haha !!)
(I take out the embeded video clip because it affect my template goes weird)

* This is one of the 8TV show called Ho Chak, this is the last episode and i’m inside lol !! Let me explain why my hair flat flat. We have just finished our exam, we went to school by motor, about 25minutes and back from school about 25minutes, our hair pressed by helmet for about 1hour, then become like this. We shocked when we saw they were there. The guy is funny, he was walking around the table, when he past by our table, he some more sing :”是谁强走了我的麦克风..”(潘维柏’s song) . oh my god, we continued our pan mee and act like din’t saw him. Then he walked to our table and said, i wan interviewed you all, (Shocked) !

I smile smile kidding asked :” why so many table you dowan choose but us ?”

He replied :” I like ma, i want interview you all !! Haha! Come! ”

So, enjoy the video clip! This is 2months ago we ate there, then the Ho Chak show this at 29th June ’08.

Try the Bao Bao Restaurant Pan Mee if you never tried before, Recommended !!