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Bon Odori 2008

Jul 20, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Japanese Food, KaHoongChai's Diary

This was my visit to Bon Odori 2008 at Shah Alam (Address not sure) at 12th July 2008 (Saturday). There were crowded with a lot of peoples, Japanese, Chinese, Malay (I don’t see any Indian there). Bon Odori is something like memorial ceremony for Japanese, it’s just like our Chinese’s “Cheng Beng” (hokkien).

The place was open at 5pm, but the memorial ceremony start from 7pm – 10pm.  So we (my friends and me) reached there at about 6.30pm, and the memorial ceremony started at sharp 7pm. Japanese very punctual !!

* There were few Japanese children present their perfomance with the drums. (more…)

My dinner today was Home Made Yong Tau Fu that prepared by my eldest brother. He is good in cooking as well ! Once i back home from work today, he asked whether i want ate Yong Tau Fu today or not, Sure Of course !! I love Yong Tau Fu ! Yong Tau Fu is a chinese food, it’s not halal because it’s with pork.

So before my dinner, I went to PJ Hall besides Ming Tien to play badminton with my friends. Games start from 6.00pm – 8.30pm(Free court, sponsored by company), but we have not much friends today so we start from 7.00pm.

My friends were having their dinner in Taman Mayang but i refuse to follow because Yong Tau Fu is waiting for me at my house.

What is the material food insides Yong Tau Fu ? My brother put Yong Kok Tao, Tao Pok, Mushroom and Chilli, all with pork insides. So i only took Yong Kok Tao, Tao Pok and mushroom because i don’t like the red chilli. It’s cooked with egg + bit soy sauce ! Very nice 1 !! I make it hot for 15mins. waiting …

Yong Tao Fu
* Ta Deng !! Yong Tau Fu is ready to serve to my mouth !! I put a little but of soy sauce, if there is some “yew chang” (Fried Bawang) then will be very nice, unfortunately I don’t have.

I took about 10-15minutes to settle this Home Made Yong Tau Fu ! It’s delicious ! It is not difficult to cook this dishes, but i’m not ready to learn haha!

3 Disappointed Thing in Secret Recipe @ Taman Megah

Just come back home from my lunch at Secret Recipe. We just finished our first exam paper this morning which is Institusi Islam, after that we decided to take our lunch in Secret Recipe near to our house. We didn’t take breakfast in the morning because the exam started at 9am, so we treat our stomach good a lil bit, so we went to Secret Recipe for our lunch.

This time, Secret Recipe in Taman Megah, PJ disappointed me. When we stepped in, they look very nice and friendly :” Good Morning, Welcome! “. (nothing disappointed me yet) So we look at the menu and order 3 Chicken Cordon Blue, 1 cheese Chocolate cake, 2 Orea milk Shakes and 1 hot chocolate. We waited for about 5mins, Cheese chocolate cake is serving first. After 10-15mins, 2 Orea Milk Shake, and 1 “cold” Chocolate (Damn ! We order hot chocolate la..). So we ask him change to hot chocolate.

1st thing disappointed me is their Oreo Milk Shakes, not as nice as i drank last time, very watery. Fine ! Then, 1 Chicken Cordon Blue come first, so i take it first. 2nd disappointed thing is their Chicken Cordon Blue, same with Oreo Milk Shaks, not as nice as i ate last time, look like bit hangus, no nice ! Last CNY, i ate with my cousin in Taiping Secret Recipe which is inside the new Tesco in Kamunting. Better a lot than this one!

3rd thing disppointed me!! I ate until half, my friends asked me :” Why so long 1? You got order 3sets or not ?” I said :” Got ar.” My gf also said she heard that I order 3 also.

So i asked the waiter, where is another 2sets ? He looked like didn’t understand what i’m saying, I pointed on my Chicken Cordon Blue and said i order 3sets. Then he said :” You order 3 kah ?” (Damn it, “Sorry” pun tak da!! What service is that?!?!)


Bao Bao Pan Mee Restaurant @ Aman Suria

Jul 1, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Damansara Jaya, Food & Drinks, Petaling Jaya

This Bao Bao Restaurant, i have visited for more than 20times before. Why i now only introduce this restaurant? Because…catch up with the video clip below, because…i’m in the 8TV Ho Chak !! I’m one of the respondent haha !! This Bao Bao Restaurant located at Aman Suria / PJU. It’s just besides the main road. There is another branch in Pandan Indah, Cheras. Bao Bao restaurant is managed by a few young adults.

What’s different with other Pan Mee ? Their restaurant banner “Same Pan Mee, but different style”. How i know about this Restaurant ? My friend brought me to the Cheras Branch last year, that was my first time eating Bao Bao Restaurant Pan Mee. Very special !

What special ? Watch out the video clip below, you will know what’s special ! Pan mee + Special crunchy fried fish crumbs + sweet barbecued pork + fresh meat balls and fresh vegetables!! We all love special crunchy fried fish crumbs that rarely can found in other pan mee restaurants ! Another special is their Chilli, 4 types of Chilli if im not mistaken. I will only take the Sambal, really nice 1 !! Another 3 types chilli, they are little sourish(The spiciest 1), 2 types of cili padis (one is normal 1 and one is mix with soy sauce 1).

Our favorite drink is the same –> Honey Lemon !! I don’t know why but we always order it and we like it, my gf said this is different with other restaurant and it’s nicer than other ^^

The price is ok, let say 2 person, 2 pan mee, 2 honey lemon and 1 special crunchy fried fish crumbs, about Rm18++(Estimation) only. Very Cheap, worth it !!


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