Yesterday, my friends and I went to one of the steambot restaurant in Sunway called Yuen Steambot Restaurant. It’s buffet style. I heard many ppls talk about this steambot restaurant very nice, very delicious, quite cheap, i also pass by this restaurant many times but never try it before. So, yesterday is my first time take dinner there to celebrate my friend’s birthday ! I always heard my friends said about their chicken wings damn nice damn delicious, and i try yesterday……damn’s really nice !! the chicken wing are serve every half an hours. You can see the photo below, you can see how the peoples take the chicken wing, all take a plates and waiting there for the chicken wings served..=.=” one of my friend is inside but cant see him d, LOL !! I dunno how to describe the chicken wings, it’s really nice, you try it then you will know ! Recommended !!

* Chicken Wing

* In the war of Chicken Wings.

* This is all the steambot food, vegetables, seafood, fishball, meatball, what also got. Take whatever you like, take as much as u can !!

* They have 2 soup, original soup and tomyam soup. I like tomyam soup the most !

* Prawn..=.=” my friends really crazy..he take a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot……..a lot a lot..of prawn..crazy 1 !

* Full of prawn! We can called it Prawn Steambot d.


I love tomyam soup, hot spice and sour, very delicious ! The price is very common, Rm22++ per person, buffet style, you can eat as much as you can. Other than this all, they have Ice cream also, a few different favourite. If you go to try, don forget don forget the Chicken Wings, must try ok !? If not you will regret huh !

I dunno how to tell you the exactly location. I can roughly tell you how to go. Let say you at Sunway Pyramid now. On the way to subang, make U-turn in the first bridge, then take your way to back Kelana Jaya, Damansara Jaya. After a Bus Stop, pass a junction(you can turn in or go straight), turn left and go in the next junction, go straight untill the end of the road. You saw Yuen Steambot Restaurant on your right hand side. The restaurant got 3floors 1, always full. Go to try it ok ? ^^