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After watching movie KungFu Panda(Cantonese) in 1-Utama with my girlfriend, we decide to go somewhere to yam cha, then on the way back to Taman Sea, we pass by Uptown so we go to Old Town White Coffee in Uptown for a drinks. This is my first time go to there. It’s a very nice place and suitable for yam cha + chit chat. My girlfriend and I sitting there yam cha + chit chat for about 1 and half hours because she is waiting for her mother to fetch her back Kota Kemuning together.

If i’m not mistaken, this is my 2nd time having drinks in Old Town White Coffee. The first time is with my best friend having drinks in Penang’s Old Town White Coffee. So today i just order a Xi Mut Milk Tea, my girlfriend order OldTown Enrich Chocolate. We also share a Kaya & Butter Toast (Double). Their Xi Mut Milk Tea quite nice, very smooth like Xi Mut(Lady Smooth Stocking), LOL ! I tried my girlfriend’s OldTown Enrich Chocolate, quite nice too! I like the Kaya & Butter Toast, got 2 strip shape butter and some kaya, We both love the butter very much ^^ It’s cheap and Recommended !!

* Xi Mut Milk Tea – Cold(Rm2.80); Hot(Rm2.50). Got 2 layer with different colour, brown(Tea) & White(Milk). Smoothy !


Fuel up wallet down

Jun 21, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

I love this and strongly, fortunately, definately, and “damnly” agree with this picture !
It shows very clear, when your Fuel increase then your wallet decrease. Once i saw this picture i faster copy down and share it out. I get this picture from email that my friend sent me.

I’m not sure when government want to increase again, maybe next year, next next year or next next next year ? No matter when, this picture still suitable to be used. LOL ! I really hope government don’t increase anything d lar..tak boleh tahan d..fuel increase, food increase, material increase, apa pun increase, damn it !

Anyone of you like this picture also or you have any other similar picture ? Share it out !! ^^

Meet Girlfriend’s parents (Joke) ?

Jun 20, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

I never officially meet my girlfriend’s parent, meet them many times but with many friends together, I never meet her parents myself and telling them im dating with their daughter although we already together for almost 2years.

This morning, my girlfriend called me and told me that her mum called her and asked me went to their house tonight. I’m shocked and nervous all the morning. 


my gf :”Come my house tonight.”

me :”Go your house for what?” (I rarely go her house alone because her parents don’t know we are together unless all friends go together for party or festival)

my gf :”My mother ask you come la.”

me :”haha, don kidding la..really or not?”

my gf :” (Serious) Really la, bluff you for what ?”

my gf :” You worry or not har ? or scare or not ?” 

me :” Ok ok lor, i’m thinking what to buy for them tonight.”

my gf :” Noneed buy la, people come can already.”

me :” Ok la then, i see what to buy.”

(End Conversation)

So, ok, i’m ready and thinking what to say with her parents tonight, all the morning i’m thinking. I’m thinking for so long already before and finally have to meet her parents now already. A little bit excited and a lot of nervous.


During lunch time, i eat with my gf and collegues.

my gf look at me and ask :”Scare or not huh ? Tonight think want buy what already ?”

me :”….(look at her, smile smile).”

my gf hint me :”tonight want sit nicole’s(my collegue) car go?”

me :”why want sit her car go lea ?”

my gf :”….(smile smile).”

(End Conversation)

After lunch, we back to office each other. Then she skype me, said actually tonight her mum cook Chai Bui (Sour soup + Vegetable + Meat + alot thing inside), ask me and friends go her house eat. GGrrrrr…she is kidding with me, her mum not ask me go alone, is ask all go together. I don’t know want smile or angry her, aih..I’m thinking all the morning how to face her parents now she told me kidding, Bleks.. But i’m ok la, guy ma..can’t be too small gas 1. Forget it.

Home made cheese egg sandwich

Jun 19, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Damansara Jaya, Food & Drinks, Home Made, KaHoongChai's Diary

I just back from playing badminton with my friends and collegue in the same places that i always played, Damansara Jaya. The badminton court just besides to MingTien Food Court. We all play very nice today as we have about 10ppls playing today, not so tired since we can exchange every games.

Before i go in to the badminton court, i din’t notice anything left outside. After the games, we go outside take our motorbike, and my friend point at my motor….OH MY GOD !! My motorkey is still there..Thanks God that my motorbike still there.

I told my friend :”Wah, damn lucky my motor din’t give anyone as a big present!”
my friend reply :”If i know then i early early come out ride your motor park at other side then let you panic!”
I think :”(Damn you!)”

So good i have such friends LOL !!

So, after playing badminton, i decide to make myself a cheese egg sandwich for my dinner. Actually everytime after i play sports, a lot of sweat and i have no appetite to eat any heavy food even i’m hungry. So i make myself some light food. Make a cheese egg sandwich is not difficult, you just need some cheap cheap material. Healthy, cheap and delicious !

First, you need a few cheeses, depend how much you would like to eat. I want to eat 4pieces of bread so i take 2 cheese.


Do you like Pasemboh (Rojak) ? Pasemboh is an Indian food and you can get it everywhere. Let me introduce you the Pasemboh that i always eat. I roughly will bought it as my dinner 1 or 2times in a week. I like this Pasemboh, the price is common, cheap, one thing is the Pasemboh location is on my way home, so everytime i back home i pass by, and called it drive through like Mc.Donald or KFC haha.

The material for Pasemboh all are very fresh, delicious especially their sauce. The Pasemboh start selling from 2pm – 6pm only. The Pasemboh finish sell at about 6pm, sometimes i 6.15pm or 6.30pm go there also beh liao liao (Finish sell already) ! =.= mostly i will just da pao(Take away) go back eat.

The location is near to the Kelana Jaya LRT Station. It is located on the roadside, there is another stall selling roasted or fried duck, very famous also, my gf told me that stall’s duck very delicious 1, her dad always buy it b4 but i never try it. LOL

The Pasemboh van named “Rojak Penang (Pasemboh) & Cendol Penang”. They sell Pasemboh & Cendol.


Yuen Steambot Restaurant @ Sunway

Jun 13, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: Food & Drinks, Steambot

Yesterday, my friends and I went to one of the steambot restaurant in Sunway called Yuen Steambot Restaurant. It’s buffet style. I heard many ppls talk about this steambot restaurant very nice, very delicious, quite cheap, i also pass by this restaurant many times but never try it before. So, yesterday is my first time take dinner there to celebrate my friend’s birthday ! I always heard my friends said about their chicken wings damn nice damn delicious, and i try yesterday……damn it..it’s really nice !! the chicken wing are serve every half an hours. You can see the photo below, you can see how the peoples take the chicken wing, all take a plates and waiting there for the chicken wings served..=.=” one of my friend is inside but cant see him d, LOL !! I dunno how to describe the chicken wings, it’s really nice, you try it then you will know ! Recommended !!

* Chicken Wing (more…)

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