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Taiwan Trip 2007

Apr 29, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

Today i’m free because just finish my semester exam, finally can relax already !! ^o^

So..i find out all my Taiwan Trip 2007 photos and write a blog in this page..feel free to pay a visit ya

> http://myblog2day.com/travelling/ < I have spend around 3-4hours to finish this blog about Taiwan Trip 2007 !! Drop a comment for me if you are free ^o^ After finish my about 5months semester..finally i can rest..hehe..although the rest is not long..next semester will start at 17th May..but i still happy..better than nth..and learn to be content with one's lot知足,meaning satisfy what you have now..don't think want get more than what you have ^o^ I'm waiting this friday to back my Hometown > Taiping !! I think got around few months din't back already..miss my family..miss my mum's dishes !! I want to rest enough enough in Taiping this coming weekend !! ^o^


Apr 28, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

Finally…my this semester exam finish today… i just sit for 2days exam which is 22th and 28th April ’08… I feel relax because i finish my exam…but i feel tired too because i feel tired..because i slept late yesterday night..study until 2am++… After exam today..our presentative lecturer wan to meet us and let us know about another subject’s result..i’m so excited to get the result and i thought i can get A+..because it is 4 Credit..all my friends are excited to get their good result too..unfortunately..i only get A- (not wan to “cheng” anyone)..because for 4 Credit subject..it can affect your CGPA..LoL…some of my friends happy..some of my friends does not satisfy their result..then bising in front lecturer..make till lecturer beh siok..then she said :” If you all still wan argue, i down grade you all!!” =.=” then nobody wan argue already.. This is the incident after our exam..haha !! Many of us are happy because the exam quite easy..but many of use sad because get the another subject’s result..haha..funny..


Break Dance Popping Guide

Apr 27, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

This is one of the break dance popping guide movie, this guy is absolutely ‘geng’ in popping! I have try to learn him before but it’s difficult to learn, so untill now i still know a little bit of popping only, a few simple step =) I love breakdance..i have go to learn hip hop dance last year..but i learn for 5months..i quit..because the studio is concentrate on Yoga class 1..then got open a small class for Hip Hop Dance..everytime learn the MTV dance which listen a song and follow trainer to dance. everytime learn different song..about 3-4months..alot of peoples joining..and the room is small..i don’t have the feel to dance already..coz i only got a small small space to dance inside the room..=.=”

So i love this break dance popping guide..hehe..i love robot dance !! its cool !!

Man.United Vs Chelsea

Apr 27, 2008 Author: KaHoongChai | Filed under: KaHoongChai's Diary

I was watch football match yesterday night MU Vs Chelsea last night..both team also very strong..they kick till like wan fight..=.=” i’m watching with my friends together at Mc.D in Centre Point, Damansara Jaya.

Im standing behind my friend, and i realize that another MU fan from don’t know what country stand besides me support his team MU. He look very excited every moment MU shoot on target. When the match go till 1-1..and Chelson own a penalty at around 88mins..Michael Ballack own the GOAL !! (i’m not chelsea fans..lol)  I see the man besides me (i mentioned just now) like abit wan crying..=.=” he is 100% MU Fans and strongly support MU.

After that, we suggest to go Jalan Alor, KL..a very famous food stall..the old uncle cook Wan Tan Mee..his son also helping..the old uncle i think got around 60-70years old already…wow !! Absolutely nice and delicious !! next time i go again i will not forget to take photo let you all see !! ^o^

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